Back to Basics

In the ancient civilizations before the birth of conventional medicine, one of the most common ways of treating people was by performing a variety of therapeutic massages for different ailments. A blend of herbal oils were poured on the skin and special techniques were used to release stress and tension. These techniques vary depending on what the imbalance is.

Long sweeping strokes is to warm and soothe the muscles while fast friction is to breakdown tension so is the kneading and pounding. Today in the east the practice of applying pressure on certain points of the body have also proven to be so effective that there is usually no need to take a painkiller, if suffering from any type of muscular ache.

One of the most beneficial types of massages is a back massage. A back analysis can also be done if the massage is given correctly to check for congestion or imbalances in the organs or other areas of the body. A good back massage should be relaxing yet uplifting. The pressure should be firm and tight muscles must be targeted correctly so as to avoid future complications.

It is very important for people to get massages done regular as a way of taking care of their over all health. People of the ancient times understood massages to be a necessity and not just a luxury unlike today. It is a preventative measure for any diseases or imbalances that may be caused due to stress. There are many spas and massage center in every area that offer massages however please make sure that you book in with a qualified therapist to obtain maximum results.

From all the different types of massages to choose from give your self at least an hour every 2 weeks to maintain overall balance and wellbeing.