Use of Biofeedback Machine for Aura and Chakra assessment

The Biofeedback machine is an effective machine to deliver succinct diagnostics of your aura, chakras, and how they affect one’s physiological and psychological well-being.

With the help of Kirlionics GDV Camera, the device that measures energy level distribution of our body, our experts assess the bio electrographic signals to assess the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of an individual. The estimation is based on the theories of non-linear mathematics and “data mining” techniques introduced by Russian scientists, and acknowledged worldwide.

The “Kirlian” method presents one’s psychological condition accurately and shows strains and problems impacting any individual.

It reveals a picture of the psyche efficiently:

  • Psychological withdrawal
  • Emotional discord
  • Unfulfilled potential
  • Consistent stress symptoms
  • Self-Confidence and Will
  • Environment compatibility
  • Sensitivity to surroundings
  • Healing gifts

The Biofeedback Machine provides the primary picture of the positioning of the seven chakras (meridians) within our ethereal body. These chakras are known to influence psychological aspects of our being that is reflected continuously in our routine lifestyles, indecisions, and more.

The Biofeedback machine and its assessment provides psychologists and experts with insights into the inner workings of the individual and also the path forward to improve it through chakra healing and harmony of five elements within the body.

The diagnostic reports from the biofeedback machine is just the start to showcase you the path helping you to transform your life for the better immediately.

biofeedback machine at miracles dubai

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