Breath of Fresh Air – Asthma

Asthma as we all know is when a person is unable to breath properly. From a mind-body healing perspective this could give one a lot to think about. If someone is suffering from asthma, yes it may be because of the condition of their lungs or oesophagus, but then we could be compelled to think, why has their condition become so in the first place?

Usually there is an imbalance in the deeper levels of being before it manifests on the physical level. So since I have chose the topic of Asthma, lets see how the mind has been programed in people who suffer from this ‘dis-ease’.

When someone suffers from Asthma it is usually because at a deeper level, they feel stifled and are “unable to breath for themselves”. If someone has been very smothered by their parents, or guardians, or spouse and on some level accepted that as their way of life, they would quite likely be bound to suffer from asthma. Also if they were unable to cry as children and have suppressed themselves to shed tears, they will find it difficult to breath. In order to reverse this process, the mind as to be reprogrammed with another thought process to eradicate the thought that is causing the asthma to appear.

The new thought pattern should be: “It is safe now for me to take charge of my own life. I chose to be free.”

If babies or children are suffering from this it may be caused because of some deep rooted fear that makes them not want to live. The fear of life itself. The new thought pattern for that should be: “This child is safe and loved. This child is welcomed and cherished”.

As mentioned above these are usually the mind body correlated reasons for Asthma. However there may be an incidence of severe violence or the occurrence of an event that could have effected someone like that as well to have made them suffer from Asthma.

In any case, if you can reverse the ‘dis-ease’, just by repeating these new thought process to yourself, what could be better than that. You have absolutely nothing to loose and you simply bring in more positivity into your life.

Let your mind believe that you are free and ready to experience life in a new way and let fresh oxygen flow into your system like never before!