Change – Just do it!

Each one of us has experienced change at some point of our lives. It is impossible to be who we are without change. Growing from a single cell that formed due to the fusion of a sperm and an egg to an adult involved a multitude of changes within our body. Adapting to our environment also entailed whole host of changes many of which we are not consciously aware of. Even as I write this, change is taking place in you and me.

As a child these changes were natural to an extent, expected and accepted with relative ease and without much thought or stress. Now something that is such an integral part not only of our lives but of the very core level of our survival should be managed better as we grow older and with a degree of maturity we expect with it bringing enhanced coping skills. Yet many of us would admit with unembarrassed honesty that “change is scary and brings such stress that it can actually be paralyzing!”

The whole purpose of change is thus defeated. If we continued to be just the cell that we started our existence with, we would be an amoeba and not a human.

Change is not just essential but vital. It allows us to explore and realize our potentials and options which we would have otherwise overlooked due to our conditioning of stability and security. We survived because of our adaptability. We are equipped with it and though some adaptation is unconscious, some require conscious acceptance and exercise of it. Acceptance brings least resistance which makes the transition smooth. Exercising our adaptability makes us resilient and ensures our survival.

Let’s take this in respect to any change in our life be it relationships, job, relocating… If we accept that we need to make the necessary change we could then divert our energies used in resisting to assisting us in managing that change. . Exercising this would incorporate managing the change to ensure specific and desired outcomes. There is help in coping and managing these changes with meditation, Reiki, hypnotherapy, NLP. These tools ensure not only clarity and smooth transition but even attaining the outcome of your choice; choice being the key word here. You harness your power to choose and go get it!

Change is a prerequisite for evolution and transformation. If there is no escaping it then let’s just ensure it and make the most of it! So “ just do it!!” —- put on your Nike!

– by Namrata Gulrajani
Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practioner