Clearing Money Blocks

One of the most common inquiries we get at the Miracles center is around Money.

The scarcity of it, the lack of control over it, or the insatiable thirst for making more of it. It has been interesting to listen to people talk about how hard it is to make money in Dubai, “the rents have increased“, “children’s school fees have gone up“, “my spouse is not making enough” or “I’m under paid and over worked” are some of the most common comments we hear – as well as the responsibilities and burdens that come along with it.

However you chose to look at it, the under current is this deep inherent feeling of LACK. Most people operate from scarcity/lack consciousness where they have already concluded there isn’t enough, so they continue to create realities which further confirm that belief.

Others believe what they have been told growing up, or in their social circle about what money is and what it stands for. How much of this is actually true?

If we are beings that are made up of infinite potential and limitless capability then where is this financial imbalance coming from? What if all the money we need is right there but we are not willing to acknowledge or receive it? What if for some strange reason we are actually choosing to block if off without realizing it?

Whether you are running a business, a home-maker, an employee or self employed, this causes us to question whether we are creating limitations for ourselves around making and having more money in our life and if so, how can we change that?

Are you truly ready to have more money in your life right away?

During the months of July & August clear all your blocks and limitations around money and finances. We are now offering Money sessions to reach out to those who have yet to realize that being wealthy is simply a choice.

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