Creating Wellness

When we talk about wellness, or wellbeing, we tend to always relate our wellness in respect to the absence of physical disease. We somehow disregard the simplest fact that this physical body of ours is what carries us, being the vehicle of our emotional and mental dimensions, hence this trinity we have come to call “I”.

Often our emotional and mental wellness goes unnoticed until it creates a certain piled up counterparts in the physical body or a certain limitations and struggles in the outside world. The physical body is directly connected and affected by every thought and emotion.  For a moment try this simple exercise, invite into our present moment a certain worry or insecurity, and examine that heaviness on our physical body and our breath, we will come to realize how everything is so closely connected.

All bad habits that we strive to change, that are affecting our physical wellbeing, are deeply rooted in our emotional and mental bodies. We tend to make so much effort to break those habits, but often fail, for we forget to realize what emotional and mental states those habits are serving. Sometimes releasing an old emotional pain, or a negative belief, will effortlessly allow us to drop that habit, for it no longer serves any purpose.

The overall oneness and the alignment of our three bodies physical, emotional, and mental is what allow us to create an overall inner wellness; Which reflects into our immediate present surrounding, allowing us to create wellness in every dimension, whether health, career, love life, relationship, parenting, etc.

Which makes us wonder, Can I actually do well in all dimensions of my life? And this only possible if I create this inner balance which leads to inner wellbeing.

We always tend to believe life to happen to us, but we often forget, the power that we have to transform any situation by the way we react to that situation. The way we react is driven from within, driven by us, through us. The more centered we are within the less reactive we become to the outside world, and we start creating our desired outcomes more consciously.

Driven by love, and no longer fear ; for no longer are we driven by our weakness or our insecurities, for they no longer have power upon us.

                                                                                                                In truth , simplicity and Love