Crystal Healing for Your Home

Crystals have been known for centuries to have healing properties and benefits. Various crystals are used for different ailments, imbalances, and remedies for the mind, body, and soul.

Home is where the heart is – having said that it is very important to ensure that the energies in our home are balanced, positive and harmonious and its inhabitants are healthy and happy. Crystals can ensure that children sleep better, harmony in the marriage, good health and happiness and so much more.

Here are some suggestions on how crystals can be used at home.

Silent Noisy Neighbors with Moonstone

Moon StoneYou may be amazed at what crystals can do in even the most difficult situations. Hold a moonstone in your hand and ask it to silence unwanted noise or disturbance. Place the stone outside your house by your neighbors’ boundary, let it rest on the edge or bury it in the earth next to the partition. If you are in an apartment, place the crystal next to the adjoining wall and the noise will slowly start to lessen and stop completely. On a full moon, bathe the crystal in the moonlight and repeat 3 times, requesting for peace and calm in the house.

Alternative Crystals that can be used are: Sugilite, Snowflake Obsidian, Chrysoprase.

Create and Protect Your Boundaries with Agate

AgateAgate works as a brilliant security guard for your home. Whether you call upon Agate’s powers for protection or to keep away unwanted visitors, agate is known to keep boundaries intact. It’s a grounding stone that creates a sense of safety and security. You can place an Agate at the boundary of your apartment, or if you live in a home you can bury it in the earth surrounding your home or on either side of your door. This will bring a sense of stability and calm within the home.

Alternative Crystals that can be used are: Hematite, Black Jet, Smokey Quartz

Increasing Luck and Good Fortune with Jade

JadeJade is a stone of prosperity, luck and draws money and good things into your life. Jade bestows tranquility and provides a sense of wellbeing that welcomes people and positivity into your home. It is also a protective stone so will act as a deterrent to burglars or unwanted visitors. This stone can be placed in the mailbox to receive good news, by the entrance or in the center of your home.

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Harmonizing the Hallway with Black Obsidian

Black ObsidianBlack Obsidian has a beautiful way of deflecting any negative or mixed emotions that people may bring in with them when they walk into your home. Place a Black Obsidian (rough, raw or tumbled) in your hallway or by the front door. Please keep in mind that poor lighting and clutter can inhibit your crystal’s abilities, so it is suggested to keep your hall’s surfaces clear and the whole space bright.

Alternative Crystals that can be used are: Citrine, Clear Topaz, Brown Jasper

Stimulating Dead Energy with Clear Quartz

Clear QuartzClear Quartz is a crystal that can increase energy or transmute any negative influences and can be easily programmed to suit your needs. You can lighten up the energy of your home by placing this crystal on the sides of the stairs or under banisters to have the energy moving in your space or anywhere you feel the energy needs to be stimulated.

Love in the Home with Rose Quartz

Rose QuartzYou can place a Rose Quartz anywhere in your home where you would to encourage and create more loving energy. A great way to cleanse using Rose quartz is to soak in a spray bottle filled with water for at least 24-hours and then spray the water all over the house. Set the intention for the water to cleanse and harmonize the energies. Can be used on bed covers, around doors, and after any upsets or disruptions.

Alternative Crystals that can be used are: Ruby

Revive House Plants with Green Tourmaline

Green TourmalineGreen Tourmaline is directly connected to the element Earth. It is a beautiful grounding stone and can be used for plants in the home. Bury the plant in the soil in the plant pot and notice how the plant comes back to life. Set the intention for the plants to be healed and revived. Ensure you pull out any dead leaves and give the plant sufficient water. Cleanse the Green Tourmaline regularly and place back in the pot till the plant is healthy again.

You can also prolong cut flowers by putting clear or smokey quartz in the water. You can use tumbles or a wand that is placed facing upwards.

Alternative Crystals that can be used are: Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Turquoise

Improving Study Habits with Gold Calcite

Gold CalciteGold Calcite is an incredible mind boosting crystal. It is great for mental empowerment and may amplify children’s efforts towards academic success. It is known to help with focus, concentration, and creativity, this will enable them to do well in projects, assignments, and tests. Place a Gold Calcite on the study table or anywhere where homework/schoolwork is done. It will help keep the mind alert and also improve memory.

Alternative Crystals that can be used are: Flourite, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli

Allow yourself to open up to the healing powers of crystals – meditate, put them in your bath, place them by your bedside or wear them as jewelry, have fun and enjoy the energies of your home.