Dream Therapy is a process of guiding an individual to understand the unique symbols and images presented in their dreams in order to work out how they are related to their current or ongoing emotional and physical states.
As each human being is different, so are their perceptions of the world around them and the value of each image stored in their mind; a person who works in a zoo would not think of a crocodile in their dream in the same way as a person who has a fear of reptiles!

Dream Therapy is more than the interpretation of symbols. It is a way to look at the different problem-solving options the subconscious mind offers to you while you sleep.
Because Dream Therapy is centered around the beliefs and lifestyle of an individual dreamer, the therapist assists the client to explore their own subconscious through associations and metaphor, enabling them to better understand themselves and their circumstances in the waking world.
Dream Therapy can help you confront waking world issues such as:
– Anxiety / Fear
– Lack of confidence
– Anger management and;
– Stress

It will also help you to work towards understanding:
– Nightmares or Night Terrors
– Your sleep / dream cycle and, how foods, drinks and activities can affect it

For the more experienced dreamer, Dream Therapy may help you to begin lucid dreaming, during which you guide the narrative of your dreams!

Overall, Dream Therapy is a means of confronting both conscious and subconscious troubles, understanding your inner self and allowing this knowledge to help you find a way to lead a healthier, more creative and more balanced life.

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