Dynamic Therapeutic Breathing

Dynamic Therapeutic Breathing is a therapy that aims to imbibe a sense of self-exploration and healing within oneself. The technique integrates insights from various psychology branches including some popular eastern spiritual practices and transpersonal methods.

A typical session in dynamic therapeutic breathing focuses on a sound and profound emotional release along with utmost physical relaxation. Those who complete the session have reported feeling immensely secure and relaxed in their personal space. Some feel relieved and relaxed that they have never felt in their entire lives!

The sessions revolve around continued accelerated breathing that is aimed at stress-reduction and psychosomatic healing, by being in harmony with oneself. The “breather” is attentive to their own well-being, feeling love, compassion, and a strong, mystical connection with people around them. They feel “connected” to nature and the cosmos too.

This technique is highly recommended for people are having trouble in facing challenges in life.


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Dynamic Therapeutic Breathing​ at miracles dubai

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