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At Miracles we offer wide range of workshops to empower and heal oneself to live a life with ease, joy and glory.

We do One to One Session | Group Session | Online Session. For more Information contact us on: T. 04 363 9307 or E. info@miraclesworldwide.com

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique that has the power to transform any situation from its root. This practice follows certain principles that help dissipate karma, clear unbalanced or stuck energies and open you up to powerful manifestation capabilities.

This workshop, teaches participants how Ho’oponopono works and how it can be used on a daily basis.

Details of the 4 main steps of Ho’oponopono will be discussed and experienced through powerful healing sessions during the workshop:

  • I’m Sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • I Love You
  • Thank You

This workshop will leave participants feeling positive, making you more aware of where you are in your current life situation and will empower you to break out of the rut.

This workshop is to teach participants tools and techniques to change their life situation when life energy is low and things seem difficult. This is the time when the chips are down and nothing makes sense.

Sometimes we feel stuck, unsure of what to do or lost in various areas of life. This workshop offers powerful, practical tools that have been divided into three core concepts. This is specifically done so that participants can immediately apply the learnings in their life.

The 3 core concepts are: Absence Of Love, Mortgage On Your Soul & Compassion Is The Key.

The exercises as a whole are called “Life of Compassion”.

These exercises include:

  • Chant Your Name
  • Your Ho’oponopono
  • Gratitude From You

These life-changing techniques and methods can be used by anyone at any time.

We look for love that is deep and meaningful, a special someone to share our lives with. A special someone to love and be loved by. A special someone that walks with us, that we share our feelings, thoughts, ideas and fears with. That special someone who knows us from deep within. A closeness that can only be felt with a soul mate.

Rebuilding romantic relationship workshop is about rekindling the flame in romantic relationships through understanding different attachment styles, love languages, personal coping stances with crisis along with enhancing your communication skills in order to re-establish respect, trust and intimacy in a relationship.

Discover the power of breath to activate your life force energy (kundalini) and awaken every cell of your body. You will feel alive, clear and connected with a larger unified field of light and love. You will practice breathing technique that takes you into a deep meditative state, to clear away your energy blocks so that you may manifest that which is aligned with your highest potential. Through a series of exercises, such as yogic breathing, cathartic breathing, emotional release, Buddha breathing and meditation, this is a complete energy cleansing process where you shift your frequency and consciously break through old emotions from the past, clear negative thoughts and heal from within.

This workshop will help you understand your smoking habit and discover the best way for you to be successfully smoke-free.The workshop will support you in setting the date for your smoking cessation and being able to stick to your decision.Hypnotherapy and energy healing are the two main modalities used among others in this workshop that ensure a smooth and comfortable transition into a healthy lifestyle becoming smoke-free for life.

Strong emotions are both a cause of, and a result of conflict. People in conflict may
have a variety of strong, and often negative emotions-anger, distrust, disappointment,
frustration, confusion, worry, or fear. These emotions often mask the substantive issues in

However, the emotions, too, are real and must be dealt with.
Techniques for managing emotions are taught in this workshop and the correlation
between Thought-Emotion-Energy-Physical Body is discussed. The awareness enables
the participant to learn a technique that is easy and makes one self-reliant in managing
day to day issues as well as deep rooted issues that hinder a person’s sense of wellbeing.

Flow, balance and harmony is the body’s natural way of establishing sustenance, health and vitality for to enjoy our human existence. When our bodily functions are well-maintained much of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being also operates optimally so we may look not only be able to look after survival needs but also take steps towards creating a life of abundance on all levels of existence. Energy medicine places focus on using the mind to heal the subtle energies within the body to re-establish harmony and vitality on all levels by using time honored techniques of message, qi-gong, yoga etc.

How is the energy in your home? Do you feel at peace and ease when you are in your home?Do you feel you are constantly bombarded by negative energies in forms of manipulation, psychic attacks, and negative thought projections of others throughout the day?If you are not properly protected from these negative energies, you can be affected spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Your surroundings have a powerful effect on what you attract into your life. When the energy around you is blocked or unbalanced, your prosperity, health and relationships can be adversely affected.

Every adult has an “Inner Child” within. This Inner Child is the purest manifestation of a Divine Force. It is originally loving, joyful, fearless and innocent. But due to events that happened in early childhood, parts of us become wounded. These unhealed parts of us get hard-wired in our brain and they contribute to the conflicts and problems we experience as adults.

“I am not good enough”, “I am not loved enough” are the kind of thoughts that become a pattern in our lives. Unhealed Inner Children create deep anger, resentment, grief, passive aggression and a tendency to self-sabotage, as an adult. Where there is pain, anger or confusion, healing is required. It is simple and straightforward. This course is an invitation to HEAL. An invitation to RELEASE. An invitation to EXPRESS. An invitation to SELF-FORGIVE and SELF-LOVE.

Life-Altering Energy Based Techniques based on the biology, psychology, and spiritual dimension of Energies of LOVE that will Improve Your Relationship, Re-Ignite Your Passion and Deepen Your Connection with Yourself, Everyone Around You at home, work, and the World.A relationship begins with the meeting of two very different Energies. This union of energies determines the ways in which you communicate, fight, argue, love, and want to be loved. You cannot make the other person think like you or want what you want.

If you have been struggling with your weight and find yourself often overeating when you are stressed or have uncontrollable cravings , then this workshop is for you .Unlike diets, the skills you learn in this workshop result in ongoing weight loss, because the underlying causes will be addressed and dealt with at a new level away from fading willpower and motivation.

The Angelic Kingdom is here to offer us great healing, guidance, and support. In truth, they are here to watch over us and eager to empower us with divine assistance and healing. Angel Therapy involved learning how to connect to the angelic realm and listen to the guidance they have to share that can help us in areas related to career, relationships, family, health, prosperity, abundance and life purpose. We’ll go through how to connect and make contact with the angels though meditations and guide you to listen and receive angelic guidance. As we teach about the Archangels and the unique gifts they each possess, you will learn how to ask and receive angelic assistance from them that can help you achieve greater clarity and confidence in your daily lives.

This program aims to connect you to your innate potential, lead you to recognize and enhance the layers that make you so unique! Through the
guided sessions, discussions and applications participants learn to better their skills, pick up tools and techniques to stride forth a more confident person,clued in to his/her self-worth!


This Introduction to NLP is the discovery of what lies within – uncovering the full potential of the mind and body. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a unique approach to communication, personal development, and therapy. It is a method of changing brain behaviour (“neuro”) utilizing an individual’s speech and language patterns (“linguistic”) and other types of communication to allow a person to “re code” the way their brain responds to their environment (“programming”) and manifest new and better behaviours.

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