Feng Shui & The Law of Attraction

Today when I sit back and think of how Feng Shui has changed my life, it is truly remarkable to think of all the beautiful changes that have happened all around me and to me and my family as well. This incredible science came into my life when I was at an all time low and it opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of how aligning ourselves to the energies of the space we reside or work in can actually help us attain prosperity, happiness, love  and peace of mind.
The ancient Art of Feng Shui has been practiced for decades across the world. Since it originates from the Asian sub-continent many Asian countries today still abide by the teachings of Feng Shui before moving into a house, work place, buying property etc. Feng Shui states that the energies in our environment have a direct affect on our health, wealth, relationships and overall life.
Even though I have been practicing Feng Shui for many years now, some of my clients still question “how would we know if this works for sure?” There are several principles through which the benefits of Feng Shui can be experienced; however the one I would like to discuss today is the Law of Attraction.
When our minds believe in the positive results of Feng Shui we automatically then start to attract it into our lives. Just like how in the Law of Attraction we are constantly taught to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, similarly in Feng Shui the consultant can analyze and understand the energies of your home/office. Negative energy spaces can be turned into positive by either a “cure” or moving a few things around within the space.  On the flip side if there are positive energy spaces they can be enhanced and further strengthened. We leave the “how” up to the universe and we make the changes necessary to be happy. So whether it’s a Feng shui or Law of attraction we need to make a conscious decision to focus on positivity.
As Jack Canfield states in his book, Key to Living the Law of Attraction -“…the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on.”
Ultimately, it is vital to understand that everything is energy. Our body, thoughts, emotions, feelings – EVERYTHING!  Feng Shui is used to improve the energy flow within spaces. When you change your external environment changes inevitably take place within you as well. As the energy patterns in your space start to improve and harmonize, the energy patterns of its inhabitants start to improve and harmonize as well.
When you combine the Law of Attraction with the power of Feng Shui, your desires and intention are enhanced, energized and empowered, enabling you to live a life of pure happiness, infinite abundance and deep inner peace.
By Raashi Sadhana
Feng Shui Consultant