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Feng Shui is a powerful Chinese metaphysical science of space enhancement that creates balance and harmony in your living environment.

Feng Shui literally means wind and water, two of the most fundamental forms of life’s forces, the two key elements that determine the energy of a landscape. The scientific name for it is Geomancy.

Feng Shui is not based on any religion. This science originated about 4,000 years ago and was exclusively used by the rulers of China. Today, Feng Shui has evolved into a refined science, used for designing spaces, modifying layouts and orientating locations correctly. There is a direct and powerful link between the way your home or office is oriented or arranged and your aspirations and obstacles.

The Aim of Feng Shui is to Create :

  • Complete balance, holistic harmony and a deep connection with the natural environment. The proper balance of Yin (dark) and Yang (light) energies creates harmony in your life
  • Feng Shui is all about capturing vital ‘Sheng Chi’ or auspicious energy, so that its magical qualities can be fully tapped to your advantage
  • Feng Shui is about deflecting ‘Shar Chi’ or inauspicious energy which is around you and can more often than not, harm you and sap your energy

The Benefits of Feng Shui :

  • Love and harmony in relationships
  • Career success and Financial abundance
  • Education and Children’s luck
  • Health, Longevity and Family unity
  • Personal and Professional growth
  • Mentors and Influential people
  • Fame and Social standing
  • Overall balance and positivity, among many other life aspirations that get fulfilled

Feng Shui is no longer a science restricted only to China, but is a global phenomenon, extensively and effectively used internationally. Feng Shui is more important than ever in our turbulent world. All over the earth people are developing sensitivity to the energy flows within the environment. They are excitedly learning how to harness this ‘Chi’ to bring happiness and success into their lives. Feng Shui has become an integral part of life in every corner of the world, be it the Far East, Middle East, India, Australia, Europe, Russia, Africa, Canada or USA. Almost every country in the world is using Feng Shui on a very large scale. Feng Shui offers practical techniques for arranging your home or workspace to successfully tap into the powerful energies of good directions, locations and orientations.

When Feng Shui is done correctly and all the energies of the space are harmonious and balanced, the environment delivers joy, good health, prosperity and overall good luck. Most of all, if you want to create real happiness in your life, you can actualize this by using the simple yet powerful techniques taught by the fabulous science of Feng Shui. At Miracles, we practice and teach a fusion of two powerful schools of Feng Shui.

For a complete consultation, both these methods of Feng Shui are very important. Firstly, we have the traditional Ti Li or Form school of Feng Shui. This practice refers to the shape or form of the natural and manmade elements present in your environment, such as mountains, rivers, roads, buildings and other structures. This concept is based on the interaction of the traditional five elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and your surroundings. The Form School analyses the shape of the land and flow of the wind and water to find a place with ideal Chi or energy.

Secondly, we have the Liiqi Pai or Compass School, which is a collection of Feng Shui techniques based on the eight cardinal directions, each of which is said to have their own unique qualities. The Compass School includes potent techniques such as Xuan Kong Fei Xing or Flying Stars (based on time and space) and Ba Zhai or Eight Mansions (personal Feng Shui data based on your date of birth)

Space Clearing Services in Dubai

A space clearing service is a powerful procedure conducted within a space to clear all negative, stagnant energy and revive it with fresh positive energy. As energetic beings, we naturally tend to absorb energy from our space. Sometimes this energy may be positive and sometimes it may be negative, therefore affecting our state of mind and over all wellbeing, making Space Clearing an essential part of the maintenance of our space. If the energy in our space is stagnant or negative, it negatively impacts our mood, emotions, health and over all state of mind.

Space clearing is performed using sound vibrations, smudging of herbs, crystal healing and meditation. This powerful space clearing process leaves its inhabitants feeling positive, happier, harmonious and at peace.

The Benefits of Space Clearing:

  • Promotes a good night's sleep
  • Harmony in relationships
  • Releases all foreign or unwanted negative energies
  • Over all balance and harmony in the space

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