Finding Happiness

By Christina Sprengel.

Life is an endless journey to find Happiness and everything we do is to ultimately be happy, but what is happiness and how do we achieve it? As humans, our tendency is to move away from pain and toward pleasure, and as individuals, our perceptions of pain and pleasure differ. What makes you happy may not be the same for someone else. Whatever you are doing is because you think it will make you happy e.g., the new house, car, clothes, relationships, etc. there is a constant struggle to achieve our happiness.

In our endeavor towards happiness, we come across times when we face challenges, worries, stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and even fear. These obstacles, challenges or hardships can be very confronting and take their toll on us and we often feel overwhelmed and struggle to find any happiness. To free ourselves and find inner peace and happiness we need to understand how and why it’s all happening.

We need to become aware that everything is energy in motion and that includes our bodies, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. The way we operate is based on the way we perceive life, ourselves, and others. This means what we experience in our external world is based on the beliefs we are projecting and manifesting as our reality. If we know this, it makes sense to change our beliefs to perceive a different world.

The way we do this is to go within and change what we think of ourselves and others and what we believe is happening to us. So, if we know our internal energy is creating our external experience it then makes sense to take control and change what we think and feel and stay in a state of inner peace and happiness to create a different external world. This seems easier said than done but it can be done by becoming mindful of the present moment and not looking at what is happening but rather staying in a space of inner peace and happiness throughout what’s happening. This requires us to be accepting and allowing of whatever situation arises and trusting it’s all happening for our highest good

We do this by checking if it’s something we can control and if so, we do what we can about it. If it is out of our control, it means it’s not ours to fix so we can acknowledge we don’t like it and it doesn’t feel good, but we allow it knowing it’s for our highest good and will work itself out if we allow it without interference but with trust and patience. We then need to really let it go and trust it will be taken care of, because we always have been.

From this point, we need to choose to stay in the present moment and in a state of inner peace, happiness, and gratitude for what we do have. Happiness is not about getting, it’s about giving, and random acts of kindness are a great way of helping others and feeling good, which will attract more of this feeling in ways you can’t imagine.