Finding Inner Peace, Clarity & Success through Meditation

Meditation is a word that tends to leave people with a heavy feeling. A feeling as though it maybe very tedious, involves one to be highly spiritual, is only practiced after a certain age or is simply extremely boring. All these perceptions of meditation is what has made humanity increasingly miserable as people live their mundane lives.

We live in a society that is filled to the brim with expectations. Expectations that we put on others as well those that we put on ourselves. In no time we find our selves existing in a target oriented society and we can’t understand why we are so tired and fed-up all the time.

If we stopped for a second, we will realize that we are on a wild-goose chase on finding happiness. No matter what we do (from our seemingly endless list of things-we-need-to-accomplish), deep inside we are still not truly happy or fulfilled. That “stop for a second” is what we call Meditation.

All the things that you are trying to attain, the recognition, validation and acceptance that you believe will make you happy may soon feel insignificant. The reason why is because you realize that you will never completely find it from your environment, because everyone in your environment is looking for the same thing and no one has it. No one is truly happy no matter how much they do.

We live in a world that is very dynamic and ever changing. The expectations will change, the desires will change and the states of happiness will change. So how can we ever find constant happiness, and inner peace when nothing in life is constant to start with? We can do this by realizing the ever-changing nature of our world and how we can find our happiness within it. This unshakeable truth presents itself to you, within you through the beautiful process of meditation.

Where we stop for a while, take a deep breath, close our eyes and observe our internal space. The space which we may have never visited before, a space in which all the truths of the cosmos reside. All the mysteries of our very existence and the world we live in unfold.

When we meditate the mind slows down. When the mind slows and we take in more oxygen through our breath, we become very calm within us and are able to look at things with profound clarity. We may even realize that half the things we are doing in our current life is completely pointless and other more productive and positive alternatives will emerge.

We become aware as we observe stress as nothing but a reaction to something we feel we cannot control. We observe anger as the highest form of helplessness and nothing more. The mechanics of our emotions and our thoughts become one of the more interesting aspects of our existence, as you become aware and yet remain calm, peaceful and unaffected. In this state words cannot do justice in explaining all the things we maybe capable of achieving. How even though we maybe surrounded by all the chatter and noise of everyday living we can still operate with deep calm, clarity and foresight that will help us achieve all that we chose too in a way that is easy, comfortable and fun.

Our mundane lives transform in a way where we experience deep joy, wonder and fulfillment in everyday living.