Five Reasons To Try Holistic Coaching

Our lives are made up of many factors and influencers which can be overwhelming at time. So many things to achieve and gain and still manage day to day life. Since we become so focused on the areas of life as separate aspects, trying to bring them together and look at them holistically can be a tough job.

Seeking balance across work with family, gym with yoga, food with health and friends with volunteering can happen, we just need the right tools.

The various facets of our lives, such as relationships, environments, people, health, lifestyle and family all impact the condition of who we are at any given time. These aspects can be broken down into the segments of life which we can then assess in terms of impact and importance.

When an imbalance occurs, for example, one area of your life is dominating everything else such as when you work all the time and neglect your health, then steps can be taken to correct those areas of imbalance to support the life you desire. Holistically coaching can help to provide the means to step back and view your life as the sum of parts.

The reasons to try holistic coaching are:

1. Having someone to bounce ideas off – objectively and with clarity

When you speak to someone who is 100% focused on working with you to achieve your life goals and wants to support you on the journey of the life you want, then coaching can be really helpful. You may share these ideas with friends or family but to get to where you want to go, an independent person can probe your further and make you ask yourself the big questions.

2. Strategies and techniques to support in achieving your goals

A holistic coach provides you with a suite of tools which can be used to arrange, plan and map the life you want to achieve. Tools can include a life plan, vision and action boards, weekly plans, vision and mission statements.

3. The personal trainer for the mind

A coach of any kind, takes the talents you have and want to pursue, so that you can become the better you. Your personal trainer will make you work-out, learn how to exercise correctly and support you in your weight-loss or body-building plan. The holistic coach does the same thing for the other areas of your life – life purpose, business life, creative life, social life, love life and makes you work to achieve the goals you want in these area.

4. Creating a dedicated, safe, trusting and open environment

A holistic coach creates an environment which is welcoming, safe, open and trusting. The information shared between client and coach is kept confidential and not shared. The client has the opportunity to be open and express their dreams, desires and aspirations in a non-judgemental and professional environment.

5. Help in overcoming the obstacles, low confidence and negative self-talk

You may know what you want and that you deserve it but your language, self-talk and low self-esteem may be stopping you. Holistic coaching allows you to identify these limiting beliefs and share ways to change the way you use words and think. You no longer say, “I am no good at public speaking” to “with each presentation I make, my public speaking skills improve”

Through holistic coaching, we work with you to assess the current state of your life and identify the areas of life you wish to focus upon. A proactive plan is then implemented to allow you to take the steps to achieve your plan. We provide you with tools required to support you in this process.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” C.S. Lewis

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