Four Pillars of Destiny

Destiny Analysis is a profound system of individual fortune telling bases on birth data. The complete system is called FOUR PILLARS OF DESTINY as a person’s birth data normally contains four basic pieces of information – namely Year, Month, Day, Hour. In ancient Chinese cosmology, the Universe and everything within it is composed of five basic elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The Chinese believe that these elements are the basic components of all matters in the Universe, including our lives and our destiny.

Many details about a person can be revealed in Four Pillars of Destiny such as personality, potentials, relationship with people, money aspects, marriage aspects, health aspects, high and low cycles in life etc. The art of FOUR PILLARS OF DESTINY is a handy and profound tool in assisting us to understand the mysterious element of contingency and luck in our lives.

It also helps us to understand ourselves and other people, provide deep insight to appreciate the nature of any problems that we are facing and is a very useful reference in decision making on basis of better understanding of appropriate timing in taking risks or choosing new directions in life. In order to receive a destiny analysis, you would need to provide us with your accurate birth data which includes birth Year, Month, Day, and Hour, birth place, and any special question you wish to ask.

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