Gamma Wave Activation and Healing Sessions

Miracles Center brings to you a great opportunity to receive Gamma Wave transmissions from Dr. Pradeep Ullal, a celebrated himalayan yogi and spiritual scientist who has awakened over 5000 aspirants across 120 countries through his ‘live’ and ‘remote’ gamma transmission sessions.

Dr. Pradeep Ullal is the Founder and Spiritual Head of Kevala Foundation at Chikmagalur in India which is one of the most awaited spiritual retreat / destinations of the world. He has evolved powerful yogic methods to awaken the whole body, breath, mind, heart, and brain. These fine tuned techniques enable clarity, purity, flow, abundance in every aspect of life in the journey of ‘exploration’, ‘experience’ and ‘elevation’ to highest awareness.

Dr. Pradeep Ullal in scientific parlance is called a Super Gamma Master. He has been recorded to produce a gamma wave with a frequency of 100 Hz and Neurofeedback response that tipped at 23.1 Milli volts during tests done at NIMHANS center in India. He has contributed significantly to Gamma Wave research and helped thousands of people through sending powerful transmissions of love, compassion and healing.

Powerful Gamma Healing Sessions

Register now with Miracles Center for an appointment with Dr. Pradeep Ullal for a intensely beautiful and powerful journey of healing with Gamma waves.

Since the private sessions with Dr. Pradeep are heavily booked we request for you to book in advance and pay a minimum deposit of AED 200.00 so we can book you in for a session accordingly.

Private Session Duration: 60 Mins
Energy Exchange: AED 400.00
Gamma Wave Transmission Workshops

Gamma Wave transmission is a profound energy activation that connects you to higher consciousness for Inner Awakening and Life Transformation.

Register now for the upcoming workshops to embark on a powerful journey of receiving Gamma waves to heal, align and transform your life in every aspect.  

Previous attendees of the Gamma Workshop conducted on 7 February 2014, are invited to attend these workshops again for FREE if they bring one person or more with them. 

Fridays, 7 March & 21 March (Repeated) 2014 from 3.00pm – 7.00pm
Energy Exchange: AED 400.00 per head
All proceeds will be directed towards Kevala Foundation charity initiatives.
Limited seating available – advance registration is advised
Gamma Wave and Ascension Meditations at Miracles Center
Gamma Wave Activation Meditation is a powerful process in which participants experience Gamma activation and ascension into higher frequencies and heightened levels of awareness with Dr. Pradeep. Through a process of “involution” he inspires people to look beyond the world they know and move into deep states of profound inner stillness and spiritual transformation.
This meditation involves yogic breathing techniques and sound vibration in order to ascended into higher awareness.
Every Saturday from 11.00am – 12.00pm
Energy Exchange: AED 50.00

Interested in Gamma Wave Activation and Healing Sessions?

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FAQ about Gamma Wave Transmissions by Dr. Pradeep Ullal

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