Handwriting Analysis and Graphology

Handwriting analysis – an Introduction

Handwriting Analysis or Graphology is a technique to analyse handwriting styles to gauge human behavioural traits.  It is a medium to study human behaviour just like body language assessments that help in profiling individuals in terms of their social skills, thinking patterns, habits, and stress-dealing mechanisms.

The system relies on human tendency to reflect their thoughts on paper in printed or cursive style. It embodies the statement – “the pen is the tongue of your subconscious mind.”

The study of graphology helps in comparing different personalities based on their behavioural traits in:

  • Problem-solving traits
  • Interpersonal attributes and communication skills
  • Role play in a team situation
  • Reactions under pressure or stress

The Handwriting analysis program involves experts who introduce individuals to interesting facts about their handwriting that reveals their character, affinity, temperament, moods, state of mind, and several other personality traits.

Handwriting Analysis and Graphology​ at miracles dubai

Graphology Therapy

With Graphology therapy, you can change your handwriting positively and in turn change life too. The science helps in enhancing one’s persona with positive conscious changes in how one writes letters in their own handwriting.

The therapy will include interactive sessions where experts will introduce how your brain attunes neurologically through the movement of fingers. By guiding them to re-align handwriting styles, every alphabet is written in a way that reflects a changed approach to how the brain functions during expression.

Since the brain functions change with different life experiences, the changed handwriting reveals how brain is wired originally and lets the patterns to be directed in a positive direction.

Graphology therapy is transformational in nature helping individuals to eliminate all kinds of harmful behavior sub-consciously, smoothening and eliminating insecurities and inhibitions, dissolving fears, and help one evolve into a person who is “true to oneself”.

Scientific Validity of Handwriting Analysis

Although the brain holds several secrets about its functions, MRI brain scans have revealed pictures of the brain’s electrical activity and their responses to stimuli. Neural cartographers have identified specific regions responsible for ensuring smooth operation of general functions. They have mentioned that it is possible to train the brain, with specific use of hands.

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