Healing with Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy is a magnificent method used to heal a variety of issues ranging from anxiety, unhealthy relationship patterns, blocks to abundance and prosperity and disturbing health concerns. It works by researching and clearing programs in an individual at a core (beliefs from this lifetime), ancestral (beliefs passed down from generations), history (unhealthy beliefs from past lives), and soul level.

It is a method born from using a combination of hypnotherapy (dowsing method) and response therapy (identifying and clearing subconscious fears). It was created by a unity minister named Robert Detzler in the late 1980’s, who integrated his spiritual understanding with response therapy and discovered a powerful method that can clear challenges for individuals at a mental, emotional, physical level and spiritual level.  

In SRT, we use a series of charts and a pendulum to research and clear programs and negative energies held in the Akashic Records. We identify the root cause of the issues, research their origin and go ahead and clear the unresolved emotional energy, reprogramming the soul and the subconscious to experience life with greater ease and positivity. 

As an SRT Consultant, I have worked with SRT to help many clients in successfully clearing suppressed resentment, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, narcissism, unhappy relationship patterns, low self-worth, confusion towards life purpose and self-limiting beliefs towards abundance, to name a few. The transformation in their behavior within a few sessions has been astonishing. Not only do the discordant thoughts forms they were holding on to no longer disturb them, but by sharing insights into how these behaviors came about in their lives, my clients have empowered themselves on many levels as well. They have become more mindful of their thoughts, enjoy the beats of life with a lot more ease and grace and move forward confidently towards their goals and aspirations. Hence, they attract more positive outcomes in their life as they come to understand that their subconscious and conscious mind need to work harmoniously together in order to attract the abundance they so desire!

Spiritual Response Therapy has transformed my life in many ways than one and aligned me to my life-purpose where I use my intuitive gifts and talents to serve humanity. And I now offer this gift to everyone by holding sessions at Miracles so that you all can enjoy abundance and most importantly come to reconnect with their Higher Self and become magnificent co-creators who bring forth divine blessings in this world.