Holding on to the Idea of Letting Go

How many times have we heard people tell us to let things go? Things that hurt us or make us feel bad, we are supposed to just “drop it” and let it go? Even though a lot of times we may agree with them and make ourselves believe that we have let go, the truth is that we hardly ever do.

I’m sure you will agree when I say that letting go is usually a lot easier said than done. When someone hurts you, betrays you and makes you feel bad in anyway, (obviously depending on the degree of pain caused), it is very difficult if not impossible to let it go. Why should I let go? Why should I “drop it”?

In life we identify ourselves with the way we appear to be. For instance I am a female, I work in this amazing company and hold a great position. I am in a beautiful, loving relationship and I earn pleasantly ridiculous amounts of money every month. This is who we believe we are and we are quite happy with this perfect personality that we have created of ourselves in our head, so when someone says something that’s contrary to that it hurts us, it makes us angry and upset, because we have worked so hard to create this persona in the first place.

This will keep happening in our lives until one day we realize that it will never end. The efforts of keeping up our image in society will soon feel exhausting and we will come to realize that in the grander scheme of things it doesn’t really matter anyway.

This is when we can let go. We can let go the day we understand. We cannot let go of things we don’t understand because we need to make sense of everything. The day we understand the bigger picture and our role in it. We realize that over the years we have created a false sense of self, which is nothing but a false sense of self.

When we are ready to let that go and acknowledge the truth of who we really are, that is the day when we become truly liberated. We become free of all the dramas of life. We can let go and be happy.

In this process one of the hardest things to let go is of the people you love. There is a deep tearing within the heart that happens. Letting go of someone you love is the ultimate torture, but mostly this stems from fear. The loss. What is it that you have lost? Love? Love resides within you. The person? That person was never yours to start with. We cannot hold on to anything in this world. Everything is transient. Everything changes. Everything evolves and then everything dies. This is the ultimate truth that is the hardest to digest. Everyday of our lives we have to live in this awareness that nothing is ever really yours. Everything and everyone exists in their own beauty, as do you.

We soon come to understand that this is the law of our universe, this is the natural working of our reality and when you realize that nothing was ever yours in the first place, you then realize that there is nothing to let go.


You are liberated. You are free. You are transformed.