Hyssop Essential Oil

Hyssop essential oil grows mainly around a Mediterranean region and is cultivated in Albania, the Balkan States, France and Hungary. The Hyssop herb grows to approximately 60 cm in height, bearing slim, pointed leaves and pale blue flowers. It usually grows in warm, dry, hilly places especially on rock slopes and sunny meadows. For ages it has been knows for its cleaning properties by the Greeks and Romans.

Properties: Tonic, Sedative, Expectorant, Stimulating, Antiseptic, Hypertensive, Antispasmodic.

Circulatory System: Is excellent in regulating blood pressure and can be used as a tonic in states of weakness and during convalescence. It is also known to be beneficial for cardio vascular disorders.

Respiratory System: Good for respiratory disorders as it liquefies mucus, promotes expectoration and relieves bronchial spams. It is an excellent remedy for cough, catarrhal conditions, influenza and bronchitis.

Nervous System: It strengthens the nerves and aids relaxation.

Skin: Very good for bruises and wounds.

Emotion: Clears the mind, creating a feeling of alertness. Brings deep emotions into focus, producing clarity.

This oil is best used in lower concentrations as it may cause irritation on sensitive people.