Join Me for Message of the Day … Direct from the Universe

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jane Elizabeth, a Transformational Coach and Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Teacher). But what does this actually mean and what do I do?

In essence, I am very tuned in to my intuition, working predominantly with clients suffering from stress, anxiety, fears and phobias. Using my intuition I can very easily establish the root cause of the problem causing these issues, and from there decide which healing therapy I will use. This approach has led me to have a high success rate with clients, and I get most work from word of mouth.

Here, though, I want to introduce to you my latest project, Message of the Day on Miracles Instagram. It has only been up and running for a week, but so far has proved extremely popular, with messages being delivered to you from the Universe using my cards as a catalyst. My intuition directs me to the topics I should cover alongside which meditation I should do afterwards should anyone wish to stay on for it, which they often do.

People have been asking me how the message can be relevant to everyone. I did wonder this myself, and when I tuned into the Universe I got the answer: “It is quite simple; the Law of Attraction guides people who need this message to be tuned in. They may, for instance, see it just pop up on Instagram, supposedly by accident. However, if it really isn’t relevant, perhaps they will get a phone call or be called into a meeting.” Well, that made sense to me. Obviously, this is not always the case, but it’s the general gist.

I have always been tuned into my intuition, or been psychic for want of a better word. I can even remember as a small child not feeling comfortable around certain people, or getting an anxious feeling about something. The older I got, the stronger it got, until I reached about 14 years of age when I was out with friends; I had a horrible feeling and then my friend got rushed to hospital with appendicitis.

Around this time, I joined a psychic development class. I never told anyone about this. It was like a secret life. By the age of 17, I was doing readings in the UK and became very well known. I also started to learn healing and began to live a totally different life from my friends. I appeared in leading magazines and became even more popular.

Now I dedicate my life to Reiki healing and teaching, amongst other healing modalities. Recently, I have felt the need to use my intuition along with my Universe Cards to spread the messages through Instagram. The coolest thing about this is I do not have a plan, nor do I choose cards before the sessions – I am completely led by the Universe. The minute the camera comes on and I go live, the words just flow. I just go with it and am thrilled when I quickly see comments from viewers letting me know that it resonates with them. I get deep into it, and then when I select the cards, almost every time they relate to what I have been talking about. This fascinates me. I like to end with a little meditation for everyone and again the Universe gives me the right words.

I get such a good feeling from the hearts I see going up on the screen! But seriously, I have dedicated 30 minutes each weekday at 12.00 pm to hopefully help boost your day, motivate you, give you a push to do things you have been wanting to do, and help you on your manifesting journey.

I have been asked by clients to create a # for after watching a live session #youvebeenjaned … let’s see 🙂

Please do tune in on any weekday for a message at 12.00 @miraclesdubai.