Kind Over Matter

In this fast paced life we barely ever stop and give anything different a chance. We are so busy trying to keep up in the rat race that we often even forget ourselves and what is it that makes us happy. Truth be told, it’s really not that complicated. We may wind ourselves up with all sorts of analogies about what happiness is and how to attain it but we never really still quite get it. Happiness is nothing but a state of being. Yes.. I know we’ve heard this all before as well, but how do we actually get to that state?

The first step to realizing and acknowledging yourself is by being kind. Kindness is a very powerful yet underplayed term that most of us take for granted, yet that’s all we really need. We should be kind to ourselves and stop being so hard on ourselves about how things “should be”.  By being kind to ourselves we allow our inner beauty and potential to emerge. We nurture our true being and we allow the universe to flow within and through us allowing beautiful transformations to take place in our lives.

We should be kind to others as everyone is going through their own experiences and struggles of life. If someone has hurt us or things didn’t go the way we may have expected, lets take a second and look at the bigger picture. Life is about change, so lets allow the changes to happen and be kind towards the people that are going through that. Inhale. Take a deep breath, be grateful to all that you have learnt from that experience and let it go. Exhale.

And when we are kind to others, they are kind to us as well. This is the circle of life. What goes around comes around and the more good we give the more good we receive. Let the love spread and expand.

No matter how much we may acquire or achieve, if there is no kindness in our lives there will always exist within us a void that nothing can fulfill. Kindness comes from love and compassion. It is so easy to practice but we hardly ever do. Being mindful of this and our environment will help it surface and we can live our everyday life experiencing and sharing a few words and acts of kindness, enabling each other to exist in a world that is happy, co-operative and peaceful.