Traverse into the sea of soul’s journey, across time and space to open up new learning opportunities about the self, and the spiritual growth that aids the journey itself. Life Between Lives is a program that connects individuals with their purpose and mission in life with utmost clarity.

This hypnotherapy session finds the balanced application of knowledge within the spiritual realm and the physical world that combine to ensure holistic well-being of the individual. It promotes inner harmony and peace, helping individuals embrace acceptance of past lives. It helps them realize that the soul’s journey can trounce upon certain boundaries and lead to holistic healing, by exploring multiple layers of the subconscious.

  • Based on spiritual hypnosis, this therapy also explores and benefits people who are battling their demons in the form of past-life experiences and mental blocks that they cannot reason out.
  • It also touches the core understanding of the soul realm, helping people to see the souls they are.
  • Each session launches the individual into the spirit world, strengthening their beliefs in a deeper spiritual perspective.
  • The therapy also enhances intuition to different levels leading to fascinating results that resonate with several individual lives, healing their pains while transporting them to a higher realm with spiritual growth and evolution.
  • It breaks down the old belief system and eliminates ingrained religious, cultural and social beliefs that conditioned the mind.

The Life Between Lives offers a validation that strengthens the mind to continue to explore spiritual learning with humility and grace.

Look out for more workshops and sessions on Life Between Lives by renowned hypnotherapists and healers at Miracles Worldwide who utilize their knowledge of spiritual hypnosis to deliver the benefits. The sessions are motivating people to get out of their shell and touch more lives too.

Life Between Lives Therapy in Dubai

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