My introduction to (LBL) Life Between Lives hypnotherapy happened in the P G Diploma Trans- Personal Regression course of the TASSO Institute,where i traversed into the vast fathomless sea of soul’s journey….across time and space….. This opened fresh quarters ……of learning ….experiencing…knowing…and the layered application in my present life. In my spiritual growth these experiences in the spirit would hugely helped me to explorer more and more my own soul’s journey…Connect me to my mission in life and get a clarity that i have been searching for ,for the longest!

Life Between Lives Therapy in Dubai

As a practicing wellness facilitator,hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist and most recently, a certified by Newton Institute-USA ,LBL Hypnotherapist, in Dubai United Arab Emirates,I find the application of our knowledge has a balance between the spiritual realm and the physical world – both play equally important role in a person’s sense of well being and inner harmony and peace. In the region i practice, the beliefs surrounding the existence and acceptance of past lives and soul journey are at times testing certain boundaries of people who are getting more and more drawn to holistic healing ….one is exploring more layers of one’s subconscious…. delving into the soul consciousness and definitions of one’s spiritual world.

In a chance meeting in 2015 with a facilitator of The Newton Institute i was once again deeply drawn into this fascinating world of spiritual hypnosis. The more i delved into Dr Michael Newton’s books and you tube videos,the more i was drawn to this world…. Each case reported in the books showing me the additional layers of the work i could explore, that will ultimately benefit the people i work with.My aim was just not for myself but primarily to bring it to my clients in my region. I understand the MENA region didn’t yet have a certified TNI LBL hypnotherapist and i aimed to becoming the first here!It was an exciting thought…a call from within that manifested beautifully for me 2016 when i successfully completed the course in the USA and was officially certified by the institute this spring.

Practicing LBL in Dubai has been rewarding….challenging….a source of continuous learning …my clients revealed in their sessions in very many subtle way their understanding of the soul realm….the spirit world,seen through the eyes and mind of people who were complete freshers in the world of LBL. Working with clients who had no prior knowledge of Dr Newton’s work and about LBL with very experience in PLR made my sessions very authentic for me and a source of immense learning. Each session proved the journey the client had into the spirit world matched what i had studied.Thereby strengthening my belief and giving me a deeper spiritual perspective of my work.My intuitive self has been steadily growing ever since…more acknowledged and appreciated.

In particular a client from Saudi Arabia hugely add to my learning as a practitioner and therapist.Her session was in one word-Fascinating! What came to me after her session is that as a therapist when i believe truly in my work and modality-in its benefits-in an honest acceptance of the client’s ability to explore the unchartered- it is bound to resonate in my client’s space-it reflects in their healing-in their spiritual growth and evolution- it breaks very gently and seemingly effortlessly, long accepted conditioned belief system….it takes the client into a mental emotional space which crosses all religious, cultural and social beliefs and implanted conditioning.The validation is deeply felt in one heart and strengthens the mind to continue to take this learning in ever widening circles in this part of the world.In one phrase every session results in a space of WONDROUS HUMILITY.

I am aiming to share more and more workshops and awareness talks related to LBL to build a strong understanding in the region- a growing knowledge and value of spiritual hypnosis and its benefits. LBL hypnotherapy impacts more than the individual client-it can cascade in his/her universe…thus more than one person benefits from this region makes my work satisfying….motivates me, and each new client inspires me on a daily basis to take my work to more people …..touch more lives and influence through my work,,,the coming generations.

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