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Meditation is a popular system of harmonious being that has been practiced for centuries. It explores higher levels of knowledge, healing, peace, and spiritual enlightenment. Nowadays, meditation techniques are plenty but each of them strive to experience the higher level states today.

Meditation is relaxing, therapeutic process that provides a calming experience for individuals helping them discover inner truth of their identity and the qualities of their soul. Meditation helps them retain wisdom for countering negative life situations with calmness ensuring holistic wellbeing.

Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners is designed for individuals who are unaware to the art of meditation. The facilitator introduces the concept itself with regards to its benefits on different levels. The focus is on breathing exercises for relief and relaxation. Training is imparted to regulate their energy flow within and around them.

Individuals are also guided to be aware of their emotions and thoughts. This beginner level course helps them in retaining calmness and yet be inspired.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations offer a profound insight into the inner workings of the soul and the world around it. The facilitator guides everyone to access, heal and restore their energies for striking harmony and balance within themselves. This intermediate level course of meditation helps individuals balance chakras, connect with guardian angels, manifest their desires, and resolve conflicts. The course includes sound healing techniques, mantras along with visualization methods for ensuring an enriching experience.

meditation in dubai at miracles dubai


At Miracles Worldwide, we offer special meditation sessions for the workplace to promote harmony, balance, and positivity in the environment. The session offer a strong and peaceful influence on overall well-being of individuals, while boosting their quality of work.

The benefits of workplace meditations are:

  • Focused and centered individuals
  • Tasks get accomplished in a timely manner
  • Motivated employees who are keen to perform well
  • Increased creativity and productivity
  • Lower stress with positive working environment

Working professionals can benefit immensely from our custom 20-minute session known as the Infinite Mind Balance that will help them manage stress levels efficiently.

Contact our meditation practitioners and teachers today to know more about the sessions on meditation and the latest schedule at Miracles Worldwide!


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Indrani has the gift of being intuitive and emphatic without losing focus on what it is you hope to receive out of your session with her. She does not allow you to distract her from what’s at hand! I am very grateful for her help to make me quit smoking through hypnotherapy. This may be a small challenge compared to the world’s bigger problems, but it showed me that connecting with your subconscious through a skilled and trustful therapist like Indrani gives you a feeling of control and confidence that will support you in other areas of your life as well. Thank you, Indrani! your are a lovely person with great energy
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You are a Seraphim of the Higher worlds,a true channel for guided knowledge from the Angelic realms ,You are an incredible facilitator, a powerhouse of talents, wisdom, intuition & perception ,You hold such tremendous healing energies in & around you that create magic ,You hold such spectacular ground-breaking workshops that every participant witnesses extraordinary shifts in their lives .Today’s workshop was a phenomenal one, where you imparted in- depth of all the Angels ,their types, with powerful meditations on chakras,grounding & Violet flame ,The highlight of this workshop was about ascension and ways to evolve as a multi-dimensional beig,Thank you for empowering us with the tools to make contact with higher angelic realms & ways to maintain it,It was a delight attending this marvelous workshop with other participants Immense gratitude for creating such a fascinating experience.
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It has a pleasure working with Yogi. Through the chakra analysis, one can discover things about yourself and it will give awarness to what might be going on in the surroundings. It is such a useful way to help guide you in life.

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At Miracles we offer various types of meditations that fulfill diverse purposes in relaxing the mind, heart, and soul.

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