Moving From Crazy to Calm

What are your thoughts before you sleep at night? What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning? And what are your thoughts throughout the day?

Is a bill due?
I forgot to call someone!
I need to clear out my cupboards, I can never find anything to wear.
What do I do for dinner?
The kids need to finish their project for school
Do I really want kids?
I was meant to call the dry cleaners
I really don’t want to deal with this client
I just want everyone to be happy

Our thoughts are as endless as our to-do list. We just can’t stop, and if we do, we think there’s something wrong.
When our thoughts keep going and the emotions keep spiking and dropping, over time we start to feel stressed and eventually anxious in our very way of being.

The more stressed and anxious we feel the more we feel the need to be in control and the more we need to be in control the more it stresses us out. It’s a vicious cycle.

We find various coping methods like yoga, breathing exercises, working out, etc. but before you know it, we become so reliant on them for our peace of mind that if we ever stop, we start stressing about that too!

We have got to reach a place within us where we do not allow our mind and our thoughts to overcome us. Observe the thoughts, the chatter, the emotions it brings with it. Observe it and watch in all its totality. There is nothing to fight or resist. Whatever exists is welcome in your space. And you will find that this practice of mere observation is what enables it to dissipate. It disappears on its own. It disappears because you are not fighting. You are simply holding space for all that exists. Space, thought and emotions exist together, equally.

This is where the magic happens. This is where transformation is possible.

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