My World of Crystals

CRYSTALS – As we say this world, we feel the sparkling energy within…

In all parts of the world, from the dawn of history, CRYSTALS have been regarded as belonging to the heavens, as gift from above. Their colour and brilliance have set them apart from everything else on this earth.

Crystals are objects of beauty, fascination and mystery! They never lose their beauty so they can be treasured, hoarded and exchanged. They can become the expression of wealth! Some of them are rare and difficult to find, which is why they have become symbols of high rank, royalty and Divinity.

The beauty of crystals makes them natural choice in personal adornment or a precious object of decoration. Crystals have the power to protect, to enhance, to strengthen, and to uplift.

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Each human being is completely unique. We all respond to a specific crystal’s energy in a different way. Each crystal is unique with its energy and frequency. We tend to choose crystal which resonates with our energy. For instance, you may be a person who simply loves anything in colour and perhaps an affinity to the color blue, but from a bunch of variety of crystals, you may end up picking a Citrine or a Tiger’s Eye which is yellow and brown in color! The fact is that we do not chose crystals instead crystals chose us. The crystal you may have picked wants to come to your home and give you some positive life force energy.
We can heal, cleanse, energize, de-stress and rejuvenate ourselves with the powerful energies of healing crystals. We can clear our home and spaces of unwanted lower energies and fill is up with an abundance of positive healing energies. Crystals can be displayed as clusters or set of tumbles around the house to charge the energy of the space.

It is also recommended to meditate on crystals by placing it beside you or even by holding it in your hand to connect even more deeply with its energies for a specific purpose and intent.
I welcome you to come and become a part of my colourful, beautiful, energetic, sparkling world of Crystals!

By Sunita Mathur
Crystal Therapy Teacher & Tarot Card Reader