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Bakul H K

Bakul HK
Bakul is a Direct Disciple of Doreen Virtue, author of Angel Therapy, who is blessed with Angel work. He is an Angel intuitive and Angel practitioner certified by Dr Doreen Virtue and her son Charles Virtue. He is a Tarot and Angel card reader, Theta Healing and Rising Star practitioner by Vianna Stibal and Ian Hoge, I conduct access consciousness bars workshops and body process classes and sessions , also does reconnective healing ..  Certified by Eric Pearl; conducts tarot reading and angel medium sessions and works with other healing modalities. His journey into spiritual world has been through years and life times…. He has conducted quite a few workshops all over India and Dubai

Bakul H K is an intuitive person & has been on the spiritual journey. He believes that he is the chosen one for being a mediator to help people realize their true potential & make their lives worth living. Bakul strongly believes in Selfless help & has touched the lives of thousands of people, making a difference in their lives. He is intuitively connected to the angelic realm.

Bakul has worked with people from different backgrounds & cultures thereby making him a people’s person irrespective of caste, creed, culture or gender. He has worked on various issues like people suffering from ailments to people with relationship issues to people with abundance issues. He is a mentor to many & his healing are miraculous.

Some of Bakul’s skills and expertise include:

  • Access Consciousness Facilitator
  • Angel Intuitive & Angel Certified Practitioner – Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Certified Rising Star Practitioner
  • Certified Practitioner & Teacher for Theta Healing workshops : Vianna Stibal
  • Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner – Dr. Newton Kondaveti
  • Certified Inner Child Practitioner – Dr. Newton Kondaveti
  • Heal your Life – Louise Hay
  • Workshops with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Gorden Smith, Greg Bredan

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