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Taruna Karamchandani


About me, I was always a keen observer and a listener and wanted to help others. However I wasn’t sure or was guided on how to pursue this interest further individually. I also kept a low profile due to physical issues and was not an active participant in many events. It always sub consciously affected me. As I grew, I took
interests in other fields and advertising stuck with me.

I graduated from the University of the Arts London, specializing in advertising. Working for almost 4+ years in the best firms, I soon realized I wasn’t happy with anything that’s happening in my life. After my brief stint with Advertising, I attended a session with Miracles for more clarity & that’s when I realized how I’d need to move forward from here on. When I left from the center, I was crystal clear I was meant to do this – bringing
consciousness in people’s life. The awakening of awareness/consciousness in me made me realize that your choices create your reality. And I had to share this knowledge with people.

My objective was clear – whatever your designation, is to help individuals to establish or restore their mental health by assuring them of acceptance and providing them empathy and compassion in a non-judgmental environment. I strongly believe individuals have a lot of potential in them & internal strength for their development and
to recuperate. I am here to assist and support you through troublesome occasions and move forward with life. With the alternative therapy services, I help empower people towards mental, emotional and spiritual healing and freedom.

*Clear limiting beliefs about food, fitness, exercise, abundance, and self.

*Dissolve minor and major health issues at the DNA/cellular level.

*Connect to inner guidance and spiritual support.

*Reduce or eliminate phobias, allergies, intolerance’s etc.

*Resolve emotional/mental/physical addictions such as – smoking, alcohol, food, etc.

*Remove blocks to positive self-expression, including love, success and abundance.

*Improve your self-esteem and confidence.

*Help identity challenges in current lifestyle and establish healthful and therapeutic meal plans that are pragmatic and based on special dietary needs.

*Educate clients about the long term health benefits of balanced diet and exercise.

*Help in-tune to your hunger and satiety signals in your body.

*Weight management.

*Manifesting new realities.

Healing Modalities:

*Spiritual Response Therapy

*Theta Healing

*Reiki Healing

*Chakra Balancing

*Angel Intuitive Reading

*Mindfulness Meditation

*Access Consciousness


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