Overcome Fear & Anxiety

Fear is a natural feeling that occurs when someone assumes they that are emotionally, mentally or physically unsafe or under some kind of threat. Anxiety on the other hand is a sub-conscious feeling that amounts from awaiting something which the person anticipates, during an anxiety attack the body switches into fight mode which causes the system to release stress hormone cortisol as a natural reaction. The fear may or may not correspond to the actual event that may be happening at the time.

The body starts to experience symptoms such as blushing, blank mind, heart racing, tongue tied, dry mouth, sweating, short breath, heaviness and ringing in the ears to name a few. The reason why people may get anxiety or panic attacks may be varied depending on the
individual and their socio-economic conditions or any other psychological issues.

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Our sessions at Miracles, offer tools and therapeutic techniques where we explore the root cause of the fear within the system that is causing the anxiety and panic attacks, and resolve it at the core level ensuring that it is completely healed and integrated in a way where it decreases immensely or completely disappears from an individual’s life forever.

Some highly effective modalities used in treating fear, panic attacks and anxiety are:

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