How often have we all experienced pain in life? Pain is oftentimes inevitable in this realm of 3D reality. Once we begin to experience it in our physical body, the only thing we want is for it to go away. Have you ever wondered why it comes? What is the purpose of pain? What is it trying to convey to us? 

When I was young, I used to feel a surge of uncomfortable emotions that were painful to deal with.  I would like to admit here that up until I reached 30+ years of age I was not even aware of how to label these emotions. I just didn’t know how to make myself feel better. Of course, that’s the irony of social conditioning and the way most of us have been brought up with parents who too didn’t know how to deal with their own inner chaotic world. It does look scary and painful to deal with and imagine if we do not have the awareness of how much scarier it’s going to be. 

Children look up to parents for survival and growth. They are extremely important for their physical, mental, and emotional development. If for any reason the parents especially a mother is emotionally distant, unresponsive, or going through her own unresolved issues, the child will feel neglected unimportant, and, in most cases, rejected by her. This could be the feeling even while the child is an infant and is unable to understand one set of emotions from another.  This could bring a deep sense of disappointment resentment or anger toward the mother. Despite the painful emotions, a child goes through the job of the subconscious mind is to ensure the child survives regardless of what’s happening in the environment. The child can shut down if this pattern of parenting continues where the child is made to ‘cry it out’ on his own or where the mother (as a primary caretaker) is emotionally unavailable due to her own childhood issues. This situation could prove traumatic for the child. Trauma does not necessarily have to be a big event, it could be as little as the emotional distance a child feels that exist between the parents and subsequently with himself. 

Now you must be wondering what does any of this has to do with the physical pain!!!! 

The emotional or mental pain (trauma) a child goes through, if it remains unresolved, unattended to, can manifest in the physical body as inflammation later on in life. Unhealed chronic emotions can give rise to chronic pain in the physical body. 

In order to heal physical pain, one must understand that we are not just the physical body. Whatever physical pain we feel especially if its chronic in nature has a lot to do with what pain we felt at the mental or emotional level. Hence what got created in the mental and emotional world aka stress due fight/flight/freeze response has to be healed at that level only. Once that is healed it can allow new beliefs new perspective to emerge while dealing with situations in life. 

Hence it is important to understand that anxiety and stress can have physical ramifications if not controlled through therapies or counseling. A number of studies have indicated stress can constrict the muscles and nerves, causing physical pain. The physical discomfort is often a signal to the brain that emotional traumas need to be resolved to reduce tension and other issues affected the nervous system. Certain body pains may indicate different emotional problems such as follows:

Headaches and Migraines: may indicate stress and tension.

Neck Pain: may indicate difficulty forgiving those you’re bothered by.

Shoulder Pain: may indicate carrying a big, emotional problem; you’re essentially “carrying the weight of a problem on your shoulders.”

Upper-Back Pain: may indicate you’re feeling unloved of do not have enough emotional support.

Lower-Back Pain: may indicate money problems or lacking both emotional and financial support.

Elbow Pain: may indicate resistance to change in life.

Following are some of the healing methods that can help deal with the physical pains and aches :

Reiki – it truly helps de-stress de-clutter the mind and body. 

HypnotherapyHypnotherapy sessions helps to create an altered state of mind thus allowing a person to regress and heal the root cause. A lot of physical shifts happen when emotional wounds are healed 

Family Constellations – it is an Ancestral healing method that allows healing physical issues with the lens of trans-generational trauma. Going back in time and healing the past, frees the client from the symptoms/illness.

Emotional Freedom Technique – It is looking at the physical issues and reducing the intensity of the pains and aches by releasing the stored energy in the body that could be causing it… people have reported feeling a lot better just after 1-2 EFT sessions.  

As humans, we all have the ability to heal in a suitable environment. For every effect, there is a cause, so when there is enough human intent and energy towards health, love, and respect towards ourselves and our planet, we will only create a better world and a better life for all people on Earth.

Start by loving yourself, who you are, and why you are here experiencing this life. It’s not a coincidence. You designed it. So take responsibility for your wonderful creation. If you want to change your experience, send out the message and the universe will respond.

If chronic pain is impacting your life, don’t wait to schedule an appointment at Miracles Center. 

P.S. We provide complementary therapies in conjunction with any medical treatment you are going through. 

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