Past Life Regression – Respect, Honor & Compassion

My client Kavya (name changed), requested me to do a Past Life Regression on her to find out the answers for her never ending questions related to her relationships. Kavya was living her life as victim and constantly feels like she gets treated unfairly, when she is so compassionate and loving to everyone around her.

While taking her into a regression back in time, she saw herself in Rome, as an Army General (male) – age approximate 35 in the 17th Century, named Peter.

We started by exploring Peter’s early childhood in that life-time to get a better understanding of his upbringing and early years. We then moved ahead in time (within that life-time) and Peter was feeling very angry as he was having a conversation with his mother, where she was blaming him for mis-treating women and putting them through a significant amount of abuse.

That was the turning point of the Past Life Regression session.

As I regressed Kavya to the first incident where Peter behaved badly with a woman…while seeing that particular scene, Kavya realised what the woman she was abusing as Peter was actually her Ex-husband in this life time. Kavya and her ex-husband of this life-time shared a very turbulent and abusive relationship as in this life-time Kavya’s ex-husband was abusing her and giving her a hard time. The roles were completely reversed. In the lifetime of Peter the woman in Peter’s life (current life ex-husband) wanted to marry Peter and was crying and pleading for him to be good to her and in this life time, it was Kavya who wanted to work things out with her ex-husband but he treated her exactly the way she treated him in the life of Peter.

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The next 2 women in Peters life who is behaved mercilessly with in this life time are Kavya’s current husband and her current mother-in-law. As once again the roles are reversed where in this life-time they are giving her a hard time.

After witnessing the entire life of Peter and understanding what exactly what was happening, towards the end of the session Kavya learnt one of the biggest lessons in her current life-time. The lesson that she was to learn was about compassion and treating everyone fairly and with respect.

Kavya went through a beautiful and powerful process of Forgiveness with everyone involved as she integrated all the wisdom and understanding within her.

After the session, Kavya felt like a whole new person. Today, her relationships have improved drastically and she shares her powerful experiences with others who also struggling in their lives.

In life sometimes we get caught up with our Ego and what we believe is right and wrong although the reality is that right and wrong is subjective. We should be compassionate with everyone around us and honor and respect people just the we way we would like to be treated by them.

By Rekha Menon – Regression Therapy Practitioner