Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy focuses on the callback of memories and experiences that form the basis of issues, transforming their involuntary influence on physical and emotional maladies. The therapy aims to heal these behaviours and proceeds to eliminate symptoms in a secured manner.

Some patterns could originate from one’s childhood when individuals tend to have formative experiences, or can be traced to corresponding past life experiences in a sort of “déjà vu” feelings of history repeating itself.

Past Life Regression therapists aim to relive most of these subdued, dormant, forgotten, and repressed experiences that are impacting individuals negatively, while churning positive feelings at the same time. Those forgotten experiences sometimes contain deep-lying unhealed emotional wounds that get triggered time and again through several half-conscious convictions.

Such traits can be altered or removed only when the cause is known and the reason why the individual has held on to them. Reliving these forgotten experiences unlocks repressed emotions like no other, providing deep insight into present traumas, triggers, and complaints. Resolving the unresolved past helps in freeing thoughts and behavioural patterns on an unconscious level, and a greater understanding to our present reactions to certain situations. It also provides closure to some unexplained symptoms that tend to arise again and again.

Past Life Regression Therapy at miracles dubai

Salient Features of our Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Uncover the root cause of current physical, emotional or mental issues
  • Heal the pain arising out of repressed memories and past trauma
  • Overcome latent fears and inhibitions including fear of death
  • Recognize old friends and relations
  • Gain comprehensive insight into present relationships
  • Clear mental blocks for progress
  • Gain new improved perspectives about life
  • Resolve old karmic debts and patterns
  • Rediscover latent abilities and skills
  • Gain proper insight into challenges and obstacles

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