Akashic Record Workshop

250.00 AED excl. VAT

Discover the secret to inner transformation!

Practical wisdom and information of how to use the Akashic Records to transcend your past and create your future. The Akashic Records are known throughout various cultures and times. They contain the story and blueprint of your soul; from the first spark of creation and expanding into many infinite possibilities; past, present, future.

The Akashic field is one of unconditional love, free from judgment and to be considered a safe and sacred space where you can really dive deep into the essence of who you are.

What will you learn?
* Your real soul purpose
* How to reach the highest level of the akashic records
* How to use the akashic /records
* Meditations to raise your vibration and easily read the akashic records
* How to deal with real life issues
* Karma and past life patterns that keep you stuck in your negative patterns.
* How to rewire your brain in Akashic Records for self love, inner peace, blisful joy

Who it is for ?

Anyone wanting to make radical changes in life and to have happier healthier relationships