Inner Child Healing Meditation

80.00 AED excl. VAT

Hurtful incidents that occurred in our childhood, stay embedded and suppressed in our subconscious, and surface in our adult life when triggered by people or certain life situations. This causes us to repeatedly respond in the same manner with toxic negative emotions, which limit our self-growth and keep us in a constant cycle of pain and hurt. This unhealed part of us is our Inner Child.

In this meditation, we will meet our inner child, the inner part of you that feels hurt and neglected and heal the bond between you and your inner child, giving it the love that requires to feel safe and supported.
This session will be focusing on inner exploration and does not require participants to share their experiences with the group.

You will be able to neutralize imbalanced emotions and identify core patterns, which keep reoccurring in your life. You will gain the strength to forgive yourself and others for the past and the awareness to respond in the most appropriate manner, in alignment with your most empowering wisdom in the present moment.