Personal Break Though Workshop

350.00 AED excl. VAT

This is a Power-packed workshop where you can get clarity on various areas of your life such as your

* Purpose and Passion

* Direction

* Goals Setting

* Manage Stress

* Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

* Getting rid of your Limiting beliefs

* Create a Life of your dreams

If You are:

* Wishing to change something in your life

* Feeling lost and need to re-discover yourself

* Seeking to overcome stress, fear and anxiety

* Seeking to build Self-worth and dissolve any guilt

* A parent seeking to understand their kids better

* Seeking to improve relationship within the family

* Interested in understanding how the human mind works

* Experiencing feelings of loss, sorrow or depression

* Wanting to release Negative emotions

* Wanting to master your communication skills

* Wanting to build confidence and self-esteem

This workshop is for YOU! It will provide deep insights on how to create your own reality and live the life you have always desired. Are you ready for your very own personal breakthrough?