Seeds of Desire – Insights for Spiritual Seekers

Lets ponder about a simple and yet profound phenomenon that happens in nature. Many seeds fall into the earth from a tree. Lets assume that all of them have been receiving almost the same amount of the water, oxygen and sunlight, we notice that many of the seeds do not germinate and eventually perish. Which one of them is going to germinate and sprout is a tricky question.

Behind the science of the nature is a powerful intellect. The intellect is operating through divine consciousness which is existing in every living matter in its ‘potentia’ form. In this instance, every seed that has dropped into the earth has a ‘potential’ to sprout and become a tree. Each seed is intelligent enough. However the varying factor is availability of resource. Considering that all seeds have received the resources in equal proportions, why don’t all the seeds germinate?

The answer could lie in an important driving force that every living entity have within. Its called “intent”. This immensely potent force that drives a seed from its dormant state into innate urge to sprout. That is why it is called the ‘seed of desire’

A seed has the blue print of the tree within its DNA. A seed with deep desire looks up and watches the tree. How big are you? Can I ever become so big and powerful? The tree responds with a ‘YES’. The deeply ingrained intent within the seed explodes with excitement and the seed sprouts. Thus begins the journey of another tree in the wheels of evolution.

In our spiritual journey too, the ascension process begins with an Iccha -Desire. When Iccha becomes strong, it ushers the sadhaka to perform ‘kriya’. When kriya is done with intent to achieve union with paramatma, the sadhaka is rewarded with a state of union, which leads to Paramarthika Jnana.

When grace descends, the spirit ascends. Thus the progressive journey of Iccha- Kriya-Jnana becomes the highway to ascension and awareness of cosmic consciousness.

I request each one of you to contribute your comments of how you have experienced more ‘jnana’ (direct knowing) through directing your ‘iccha’ and ‘kriya’

by Dr. Pradeep Ullal

Himalayan Yogi & Spiritual Teacher