Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Most people feel anxious at times. When dealing with difficult situations or changes, especially those that have a potentially significant impact on your life, anxiety and panic attacks are common side effects.

Sweating, an elevated heart rate, shaking, shortness of breath, dizziness, and trembling are among the distressing physical symptoms that people with anxiety and panic attacks frequently feel. Indeed, day-to-day anxiety can be debilitating, but by working with a qualified therapist at Miracles it is possible to empower yourself and overcome negative emotions and learn healthier behaviors.

At Miracles, you will work alongside an experienced therapist to identify the root cause of your anxiety and learn how to manage it. This, in turn, can facilitate a complete healing process of your psyche and ensure that these attacks do not control your life ever again.

Benefits of Anxiety and Panic Attacks Therapy

Become more aware and mindful of the present moment

Relieve the tension in your body and feel more relaxed

Take back control of your thoughts and feelings

Become responsive instead of reactive

Miracles Worldwide Dubai Services Benefits Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Reduce cognitive flight or fight mode activity

Develop coping mechanisms

Feel better in social situations

Uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears

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