Chromotherapy is the practice of treating physical, mental, and spiritual energy imbalances that frequently result in disease by utilizing the visible spectrum, or color. It is one of the most straightforward and all-encompassing ways to treat sickness, dating back to ancient civilizations such as those of Egypt, China, Greece, and India. Those civilizations used the visible color spectrum to heal and harmonize the body.

This is a technique recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1976, as one of the main existing complementary therapies.

Each color has a unique vibration and frequency, and when these come in contact with the body they can activate hormones that will cause chemical reactions, modulating emotions and the body’s metabolism.

Every color has its specific purpose and therapeutic capabilities. As an example, blue has a calming effect and results in lower blood pressure; red increases the heart rate and metabolism; green has a soothing effect on emotions and is also indicated to treat allergies and infections; yellow has antidepressant properties and is also used to treat the GI tract.

Chromopuncture or Colorpuncture is a therapy in which light color pens are used to balance the flow of Qi throughout the acupuncture meridians with color frequencies. It is a more gentle therapy, without the use of needles. Cromopuncture is able to act in the physical, mental, and emotional realms.

Benefits of Chromotherapy

Reduces headaches and migraines
Promotes a feeling of wellbeing
Promotes vitality
Promotes sleep quality
Stimulates the blood circulation
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Stimulates the Central Nervous System
Reduces GI discomforts
Reduces menstrual discomforts
Reduces allergies discomfort
Reduces stress and anxiety

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