Unlock Profound Clarity and Transformation with Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation, also known as Systemic Family Constellations, Systemic Constellation, or Family Systemic Mapping, is a transformative approach that brings profound clarity and resolution to family and relationship dynamics. By delving into the intricate connections within families, it enables individuals to untangle complex entanglements, address underlying stressors, and work toward effective resolutions. Moreover, this powerful method sheds light on hidden dynamics, facilitating transformative healing and growth.

Tailored Sessions for Individuals or Groups

Family Constellation sessions can be tailored for individuals or groups. For instance, an individual seeking resolution can carefully select representatives to embody key family members. By doing so, a deep energetic connection within the group is created, as the representatives tap into the emotions and experiences of those they represent. This profound connection occurs within the morphogenic field, where emotions are sensed and shared among participants.

Heightened Awareness and Insights

During the session, chosen representatives often report heightened awareness of specific emotions and sensations related to the individual’s situation. This heightened awareness is valuable, as it provides insights into potential resolutions. For example, a representative might feel a sense of heaviness or sadness when representing a deceased family member, signifying that the individual is still grieving the loss and that this grief is impacting their current relationships.

Promoting Understanding and Healing

Family Constellation promotes understanding, empathy, and relaxation within the family unit. As a result, love can flow freely among its members, fostering a renewed sense of connection and appreciation for one another. By embarking on the process of Family Constellation, individuals can release anger or resentment towards a parent or sibling, allowing for the initiation of healing within the relationship.

Embracing Transformation and Connection

In summary, Family Constellation offers a transformative journey toward recognizing, understanding, and resolving complex family dynamics. By fully embracing this approach, individuals can experience deep healing, enhance their connection, and cultivate a harmonious and loving familial environment.

Personalized Approach for Optimal Results

For the best experience, it is recommended to indicate your specific focus when reserving a session. Alternatively, you may opt for a complimentary consultation session by arriving 20 minutes early. This ensures that any special requests or clarifications are addressed appropriately and allows for a smoother and more personalized experience.

Family Constellation & Systemic Constellation
Fees Duration
AED 800 60 Minutes
10% off on a package of 5 or 10 sessions
15% off on a package of 20 sessions