Family Constellation

A therapeutic approach designed by Bert Hellinger, to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship is named as Family Constellation. It is generally meant to address any stressors impacting any relationships and heal them. It brings the unseen into the seen.

It may help people seek treatment from a different perspective for issues proving difficult to treat with traditional therapy.

The Therapy of Family Constellation

A Family Constellation sessions can be conducted on a one-to-one basis and it can al be conducted between a group of individuals who are not related. The person seeking resolution of an issue, chooses these representatives and places them into position as members of the individual’s family.

The individuals standing in as members of the family are believed to be able to feel and experience the emotions of the person whose role they have taken on, which is said to be felt energetically by members of the group, as they connect to the morphogenic field. They often report an awareness of specific emotions and feelings directly related to the individual’s situation and can be clearly connected to the issue being addressed.

Thus, it is considered as an effective way in addressing concerns that might include family of origin issues, parent-child relationship difficulties, and intimate relationship challenges.

Benefits of Family Constellation :

Get to the Root Cause

Of the problem so you don't experience it again

Address Negative Or Harmful Relationship Patterns

And change then to create more harmonious and loving relationships

When Things Don't Make Sense

Uncover all that is hidden or unacknowledged to heal and resolve

Resolve Family Disputes

By bringing harmony, balance and respect into the family system

Heal Memories & Trauma

Resolve trans-generational pain and wounds and come back to love

Manifest A Romantic Relationship

By clearing family blocks and toxic relationship patterns

Overcome Inner Turmoil

And come to a space of peace, calm and Oneness

Heal Loss & Heart Break

By identifying the core issue and realizing how connected we really are

Family Constellations allows to break negative relationship patterns and makes it possible for individuals to live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

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