Laughter Therapy

One of the leading causes of ill health is stress. It has a significant effect on both our physical and emotional wellbeing. However, due to the positive impact laughter has on the mind and body, many people can now benefit from Laughter Therapy which, according to research, has extensive mental, physical and emotional advantages due to the way that the mind and body respond when laughing.

Laughter Therapy is a relatively new concept, but exercising both mind and body by gentle breathing techniques and laughing without relying on any jokes is extraordinarily therapeutic. This system of ‘Laughter Yoga’ allows participants to laugh in different ways to release stress and promote various health benefits.

Benefits Of Laughter Therapy

Releases Endorphins & Serotonin

And lowers stress in the body

Boosts Self-Confidence

Feel good about yourself and your environment

Increases Oxygen Supply

To the brain & body enabling you to feel mentally and emotional balanced

Instills a Positive Attitude

Teaches you to handle any situation in life with calm, control and clarity

Laugh at Life

Liberates us from everywhere we feel stuck

Stress Buster

Release and manage stress within minutes & provides deep insights to various situations

Connect With Like Minded People

Laughing with people has many health benefits

Regular Practise

Making it a part of your regular practice has been known to heal all ailments and imbalances in the body

Strengthens The Immune System

Lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar & keeps your heart healthy

Releases Old Stored Emotions

Unlocks old emotions & traumas that have been locked in the body, providing a sense of lightness and peace

Instill Courage

Enables people to make good decisions and move forward with courage

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