Life & Career Coaching Session

Have you had numerous ideas but no success? Do you frequently put things off and mistrust your abilities? Do you accept it without thinking when someone else says that your goals are unreasonable or unreachable? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then a Life & Career Coaching Session could well be your solution.

Our lives are always changing and change can be scary. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. That is why in a Life & Career Coaching Session we focus on changing habits by looking inward, to your mind, body, heart and soul.

In a Life & Career Coaching Session, a Miracles’ therapist will help you to improve your relationships, careers, wellness and day-to-day lives. Goals will be clarified and obstacles identified to come up with strategies for overcoming each barrier. A Life & Career Coaching Session will support you in your personal growth, which will have a positive effect in all areas of your life.

Career Coaching

Throughout your career you are likely to have a number of defining moments that require you to make decisions that can determine your future. These moments can be anything from “How do I ask for a promotion?” to “Should I change my company or my career?”, and in the job search itself, “How can I get my ideal job?” 

You may feel overwhelmed by all the available options out there. Or you may have the assumption that you can’t do anything unless you are experienced in it.

Career Coaching sessions can help you put a strategy in place that focuses on your intentions, to plan and pursue job fulfilment and your career happiness.

Benefits of Life & Career Coaching

Have a safe space to discuss personal and professional issues
Receive help in identifying your goals
Learn techniques to categorize your goals into SMART objectives
Orgocosmic Healing
Learn how you can measure your own progress
Receive support in creating your own path in life

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Life Coaching is For You if You

Are seeking guidance with regards to your career options
Want to create a strategy to attain your financial goals
Want to learn how to identify and release any limiting beliefs or behavioural patterns that are preventing you from achieving your goals in any aspect of your life
Require support, guidance and support in any aspect of your life

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