Orgocosmic Healing

Orgocosmic Healing

Orgocosmic healing helps you bounce back to life with vitality, health, and happiness. Orgocosmic healing utilizes techniques from time honored traditions like crystal healing, energy healing, chakra work and acupressure which helps to clear blockages on a physical and metaphysical level.

Orgocosmic healing therapy works on different parts of the brain. Through this technique, three regions of the brain are activated which leads to an increased ability to observe your own thoughts and emotions, helping you self-heal without the need for any external substances and have a strong grasp/control over yourself, directly working on your neurological and emotional health.

Benefits of Orgocosmic Healing

Rebalance energies that support health and vitality
Boost clarity, calm, and productivity
Clear physical and emotional blockages
Release emotional trauma related with past experiences
Orgocosmic Healing
Remove ancestral patterns and programs
Empowering beliefs are instilled
Works on physical and metaphysical aspects of life

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Breathwork and Meditation

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Energy Clearing & Meditation

Miracles Wellness Center 306 Icon Tower, Tecom, Dubai

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Orgocosmic Healing is For You if You:

Are dealing with acute or chronic pain
Need help managing your stress
Are looking for mental and emotional healing
Experience any form of sleep disorders
Are dealing with anxiety or depression
Are in an abusive relationship
Desire to lose weight

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