Most of us are accustomed to getting prescriptions for pharmaceutical medications so that we can heal. However, herbalists prefer to employ phytotherapy as a healing alternative because research shows amazing advantages.

The term has Greek origins: ‘Phyton’, which means ‘Herb’, and ‘Therapeia’, which means ‘Treatment’. The technique is based on the ancient culture of using plants to take care of health.

Phytotherapy relies exclusively on substances of plant origin for the formulation of herbal medicines, teas, or baths, without synthetic components. Many plants are extremely rich in nutrients and bioactive compounds with therapeutic effects, which benefit the functions of the human body.

Plants naturally produce substances for their own development. Phytochemicals are compounds found in herbs whose properties promote defense or disease prevention. When those phytochemicals are ingested or used topically, they also play a protective, antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal role, as well as an immune system booster.

Benefits of Phytotherapy

It is a more gentle therapy, with fewer side effects

Does not cause addiction

Helps to regulate hormones

Stimulates the Immune System, hence the self-healing process of the body

Reduces oxidative stress

miracles worldwide dubai courses and workshops health and body Phytotherapy Benefits

Reduces inflammation

Aids in the detoxification process

Herbals have bactericide, antifungal, and antiviral properties

Many herbals have anti-parasitic properties

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