Raga Therapy

Raaga Therapy

Music therapy uses various forms of music to heal illnesses and disorders. The unadulterated ragas in Indian classical repertoire are a blend of symphonic compatibility between the seven notes and seven primary chakras in our body

This is one of the reasons music has such a strong impact on our mind, body and soul. Ragas have an innate quality of affecting the emotions of the listener, and hence the overall wellbeing

Music is a form of art that can also be an answer to a lot of life’s miseries.

Benefits Of Raaga Therapy

Raaga Therapy helps induce a positive state of mind, keeping depression and anxiety at bay. Moreover, it also boosts immunity, eases muscle tension and reduces the risk of a brain stroke.  There are a lot of ragas which can heal particular problems.

Raag Bhoopali

helps those suffering from depression as the comforting notes of this raga have a soothing effect and can make someone feel carefree, like a child.

Raag Malkauns

is a declaration of love. Reflective and contemplative in character, the raga puts all thoughts to rest. Relaxing and trance-inducing, it is the perfect harmonising note after a busy day.

Raga Therapy

Raag Yaman

perhaps the most famous of the Indian classical ragas, helps in opening the heart to receive knowledge.

Raag Malhar

is like raindrops sweeping off the dust, dirt, and pollutants from your doorstep. The chaos of the day is washed away as one listens to the raga at bedtime. The mind is put to rest for deep sleep.

Raaga Therapy Is For You If You

Desire to live stress free
Want peace of mind
Want to connect with God in a much deeper way
Want to awaken and balance your chakras
Desire to address your problems from the root
Would like to heal your body in a soothing, relaxed way

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