Radiesthesia and Radionics

Radiesthesia is the science that detects and investigates the natural radiations of objects, spaces, geographical features, and living beings, and Radionics is the science that will enable the practitioner to work with such energies/frequencies to balance and harmonize them.
The radiesthesist has recourse to tables, graphics, biometers, and instruments specially developed to work on cleaning, balancing, and harmonizing people, situations, objects, and environments. The pendulum is one of the most common instruments for dowsing frequencies’ measurements and radionic emissions.
Within a session, the radiesthesist is able to clean and harmonize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, providing the person with balance and wellbeing. This includes, but is not limited to, unblocking patterns, fears, memories, and traumas, while cleaning off the energetic roots of diseases and enhancing the process of body self-healing.
Shown to be effective in many scenarios, ranging from physical pain to emotional problems, Medical Radiesthesia works exclusively on the energetic physiology systems and bodies in order to resume their balance, thus, restoring the health of the person.

Benefits of Radiesthesia and Radionics

Improvement of the overall vitality and mood
Reduction of stress, anxiety, and depressive states
Reduction of mind fogginess and fatigue
Adjuvant therapy for insomnia
miracles worldwide dubai courses and workshops health and body Radiesthesia and Radionics Benefits
Adjuvant therapy for managing chronic conditions
Adjuvant therapy for lowering oxidative stress and inflammation
Adjuvant therapy for managing pain
Adjuvant therapy to improve digestion and metabolism

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