Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a form of strengths-based support for people struggling with destructive or harmful behaviors with food, alcohol, addictive substances, or relationships. Recovery coaching is for people who have active addictions, as well as those already in recovery. We can help a client find resources for harm reduction, detox, treatment, family support and education, local or online support groups; or help a client create a change plan to recover on their own.

Recovery coaches do not offer primary treatment for addiction, do not diagnose, and are not associated with any particular method or means of recovery. They support any positive change, helping persons coming home from treatment to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, or work on life goals not related to addiction such as relationships, work, or education.

Benefits of Recovery Coaching

Assist with harm reduction

Detox for a healthier mind and body

Engage with family for better support

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Education around addiction

Introduction to online and local support networks

Support positive change

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