Shamanic Healing

A shaman is a healer who leverages his or her altered state of consciousness to access the complex realities of the spirit world. Healers, seers, and mystics from across the world perfected the art for centuries before it lost relevance, for a long time, in modern society.

Shamanic practitioners believe every problem existing on a physical, emotional, or mental level have their roots embedded in spiritual imbalance.

Shamanic Healing restores balance within your being, addressing the root cause directly. 

Shamanic healing employs several methods for healing including soul retrieval process, spiritual ally retrieval for guidance, process of elimination of unwanted energies, access to soul remembrances, alleviation of ancestral blockages, journeying, connecting to spirit animals, aligning with the elements and hands-on healing.

Benefits Of Shamanic Healing​

Remove energy blocks
Correct chakra imbalances
Cleanse your energy body
Break old patterns – remove the “magnets” that draw the same situations to your life
Understand the root cause behind physical illness and heal it
Past Life Regression Therapy
Heal emotional trauma and conditioning from childhood and past lives
Heal deep emotional trauma and conditioning from sexual abuse
Heal emotional pain and patterns from relationships
Change limiting/negatives beliefs and fears

Shamanic Healing is for you if you:

Desire to explore the spiritual world
Enjoying connecting with spiritual beings
Are curious about shamanism
Have emotional or physical ailments that you have not been able to shift/change
Require guidance with making major life decisions or changes

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