Space Clearing

Just as you may feel negative and unsettled within yourself, your external space may also hold dense, stagnant, and unbalanced energies. Sometimes you can sense these energies with the way a space may make you feel.

Space clearing means clearing the space on an energetic level. Energy cleansing clears negative energies that build up around your home or workspace after which it is revived with fresh, positive energy.

It is recommended to do a deep space clearing at least once a year. It is also recommended to do space clearing after an intense negative event in your home, or before moving into a new house to remove the negative energy.

It is also ideal for offices & hotels. People can often bring with them lots of different energies when entering these spaces.

Based on what you require, your Space Clearing practitioner will offer a customized approach for your specific space. This process may include using sound vibrations, mantras, smudging of herbs, crystal healing, and meditation.

Benefits Of Space Clearning

Increased energetic vibration of the space

Removes any old stagnant energy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Can reduce feelings of pain, trauma and drama

Increase in health, wealth and happiness

Space Clearing is for you if you:

Desire a positive environment in which you spend your time
Can perceive heavy, dense energy that has not shifted within your home
Have A Complicated Relationship With Food Or Your Body
Are ready to transform your life internally and externally

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